Roasted Chickpeas (#29)

Snackity snack time!  I’m one of those people who likes to eat….all day long!  Yet whenever anyone comes over to my house, they never find any of those traditional snack foods (chips, crackers, granola bars).  These roasted chickpeas are spicy, so tone down the spices to your liking if you have weaker taste buds.

The crunchiness of these chickpeas did not really keep after day 1.  They weren’t inedible but just a little soft.

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Graham Crackers (#28)

These graham crackers were made the same weekend I made these delicious marshmallows.  I’m not going to lie, I think store bought graham crackers are better than the exact batch I made.  It is difficult to tell when the crackers are “evenly browned” because the dough is brown!  My crackers were a bit crunchy but the flavor was good.  Let me know if they are tasty to you!

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Vanilla Marshmallows (#27)

What crazy person makes marshmallows from scratch when one can just buy them at the grocery store?  Me!  Even though the thought of gelatin creeps me out, I really wanted to try a hand at these.

They were SO worth the effort and time!  They taste AMAZING and keep their softness for days.  I used mine as dippers for a fondue party.  I drool thinking of having a s’more using one of these!

I used a glass 9×13″ pan and wasn’t able to invert the marshmallows to a cutting board, they were stuck!  Instead I used cookie cutters and they came out just fine.


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Chocolate Soufflés

I bought ramekins during my Valentine’s Day raid at Sur la Table.  I had no idea what to make in them and I rarely have enough people over to make an entire recipe worth of special dessert.  I found this recipe that was for only two people, score!

When I’ve had soufflés at restaurants, they are usually served with a sauce or ice cream.  Therefore, I didn’t really know what to expect for the soufflé alone.  I decided not to make the raspberry sauce because I didn’t want to mask the flavor of the soufflé.  The flavor was great however texture somewhat dry.  Maybe that’s why they are usually served with something!


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Sweet Potato Fries (#24)

I know, I know….this isn’t exactly an intricate recipe that I had to follow.  But hey, it counts for me!  Sweet potatoes are one of my most favorite foods, believe it or not.  I will definitely pick sweet potato fries over any other type of fry.

I used to just bake my fries on a foil-lined baking sheet but they were never super crispy.  Obviously frying them in oil would make them crispy but that’s not really my style.  Then I saw a tip to bake them on a wire cooling rack.  Bingo!

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Beet Veggie Burger (#23)

San Francisco has such amazing restaurants – my list is forever growing of places to taste.  One of my favorites is Plant Cafe!  They have multiple locations, I’ve only been to the one in Pier 3 (twice!).  The first time I ate there I had to get one of the things they are famous for, the Plant Burger.

One of my most favorite food blogs made a replica version of this burger.  This recipe tastes JUST like the real thing.  Don’t be intimidated by the ingredient list, I promise it tastes amazing.  Especially when topped with melted cheese and avocado!


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