Hello and welcome to my journey!

If you know me at all, you know that I am obsessed with food.  I think about it all day and am constantly looking at blogs/cookbooks to find new recipes to try.  I never really do New Year’s Resolutions because they are so difficult to keep 365 days in a row.  This year I decided to do something that I love rather than try and convince myself to do something I hate all year.  I decided to attempt to bake/cook 40 new recipes in 2013.  Initially I wanted to try to complete 52 recipes but thought this may be too ambitious.  But here we are, in the middle of May, and I have already completed 42 new recipes!  So why not try for 100?  A good friend of mine suggested making a blog to document this process….but I think she really wants all the recipes!  Thought this was a great idea so here we go!  I will be better about taking pictures of each recipe from here on out.  Please know that I am not very creative with recipes and usually follow them word for word as written from the original source.  However, I’ve changed TINY things about maybe 2 recipes so far so maybe I’m growing one creative hair on my head now.



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