Zucchini Spaghetti (#18)

This recipe is more about a unique kitchen tool versus the actual recipe.  My fridge was full of leftover zucchini from these cookies and my stomach needed a break from desserts.  I had just made these turkey meatballs and needed some pasta to eat them with.  I had heard of a julienne peeler once or twice before but didn’t really know what it was.  But I was determined to find one!  Ventured over to Target but they only had one in a three pack with other types of peelers…which I already had or didn’t need.  Thank goodness for Ace Hardware’s kitchen section (random, I know).


zucchini or squash, long preferred

whole wheat spaghetti



Cook pasta according to package directions.

Wash zucchini or squash.  Holding from stem end, pull julienne peeler down the length of the vegetable.  Peel all sides and through the middle until you reach the seeds.

Place julienned zucchini in bottom of colander.  Once pasta is done boiling, drain over zucchini in colander.  Serve with your favorite pasta sauce or meatballs!


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